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  • June 30, Giuliano Rosella (Torino), [joint work with Vita Saitta & Matteo Plebani]

Truthmakers, Incompatibility and Modality

We present an extension of Fine’s truthmaker semantics, obtained by adding an incompatibility relation to Fine’s state space. The resulting framework allows us to improve the semantic clauses for negation and define important notions such as those of (im)possible state and possible world in a new and natural way. We prove some interesting results concern- ing the interaction between incompatibility, negation and possible worlds, e. g. that possible worlds behave classically with respect to negation; we also give a semantics for the Logic of Exact Entailment, FDE and S5. At the end, we explore various attempts to use the resources of the framework to provide truthmaking clauses for modal sentences.

Time: 16.00 – 17.00

Location: The talk will take place in our dedicated MS Teams team “TULIPS – The Utrecht Logic in Progress Series.” Contact the organizers for information about how to join the online meeting.